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Lord Lord Lord

This song is by Kanye West.

(Swizz Beatz)
This is something special
This is something new
This is something special
This is something new

(Charlie Wilson)
Lord Lord Lord

(Mos Def)
The power of observation
Marvels and frights and strange delights
Attributes, properties, disciplines and novelties
Ecstatic patterns in the calendar design
Wilderness tours guided by and for the blind
Cool ruler standing still sweating through the shade
He knew those lights only grew bright to fame
Dead wrong pageantry, lottery and games
Sleight of hand provided by extravagant and fake
The carnival tilt bell will hustle for the age
They clutch what they covet, but what must they give away
Who was uninvited? who was asked to come and stay?
Surprise it's your life, it's your business anyway
So please, pardon these and such curious minds
Peace, safe passage, precious time
Hither and gone, the day of days
(?) This tiny stone illuminated by a star far gone
Only a star so large, many more
To make our largest star show small
Furthermore, the end is not the end no stop but a pause
What we can witness is all that is at all
Cuss the mock over scotch and pork chops
The passion, expansion, the order of the random
See the dreamers see the sleepers
Why would you wake 'em, sweet Jesus and life on Earth
Seek heaven first
Let put in this work

(Charlie Wilson)
Lord Lord lord
Lord Lord lord

This is something special
This is something new

(Kanye West)
Her heels set the mood
Where did you acquire those are liars
When I met you I heard Jesus bells, strings and a choir
I got lines better than n-ggas albums, plural
King of the urban make your sh-t sound rural
She said I hit it so deep she need an epidural
Them other n-ggas have you looking like a squirrel
And that's nuts, I only hang around with white boys that like black sluts.
Tell 'em Plain Pat yo that track sucks
We ain't dissin' you between the position you play something for us to listen to
I'm tryin' to worry about my scratch minus the crabs
I ain't stopping for you n-ggas like yellow cabs
I got scripts so why we need a movie
And if I'm a douche than put me in your coochie
I swear they should have never gave these n-ggas looseleaf
And excuse me if I'm trapped by the boobies
Booby trap, holla back

(Swizz Beatz)
AK on the lap like what's that
Click clack
This is something special
This is something new

All white Bentley I call that momma
My life crazy, like Obama's
You talk slick well I'm Osama
Bin Laden, what's happenin' I get it crackin'
All black carbon, Ima rich yeah
It's gonna take you a couple years to get this here
Thank AP while they thank me
And I'd be mad too if you ain't me
Call me Mr Deeds or Mister boss
See me riding clean in a Rolls Royce
N-ggas talking funny that's old money
N-ggas looking crazy but they acting funny
Nowadays rappers, they like bloggers
You see me I'ma a bank hogger
Coming through your hood and I brings trucks
With 25′s on it like what the f-ck
Hundred feet and better why they f-ck you stick
Paparzzi on the water, why the f-ck you stick
My face got the f-ck you pricks
My beats go hard like f-ck you d-cks
Pourin' champagne damn thing
Sit there rockin' suede n-gga in the damn rain
Ain't a damn thing, money ain't a damn thing
Ask Yeezy and Mos we do the God damn thing
Get down to the precious lovers

Ayo, open glass on my fingers
I sit back like I'm caged but still cakin'
My n-ggas is hatin'
It's like being in the livest Lambo in the hood
You a piece of steak I'd rather be that than some bacon
Every project is a throne, only just bigger stones they throw
That why I wear a big hat and roll weed
Where you going, if you don't know where you came or when you came
All you know is weed and cocaine
Non believers, no game
I'm zooted down, rollin' a spliff
Maxin' flamin' like wheels got traction
I'm son he's attracted
Guaranteed to service the real n-ggas
Or cruisin' in a Volvo
A duffle for dolo, puffy polo
That blow house is where I reside
Live amongst fiends, countin' currency, hittin' blunts
Only to hear the door rumble
Grab the four, hope it ain't the law
Or maybe some n-gga tryna score

(Charlie Wilson)
Lord Lord Lord
Lord Lord Lord
Lord Lord Lord

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