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Don't Think I'm Not

This song is by Kandi and appears…

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Don't Think I'm Not
Now I don't have to question
Where you were last night
'Cause I already know what you will say
I already know you lie
But I can't be mad at ya
'Cause there's something that you don't know
That when you're gone I do my own thing
And I catch a bone while you're doggin' me

When you're out in the club
Don't think I'm not
Even when you're out making love
Don't think I'm not
When you're feelin' good in somebody's spot
Gettin' hot, don't stop
Just don't think I'm not
'Cause I'm out gettin' mine

When I try to get your attention
You ignore me every time
You were so caught up doin' your dirt
That you didn't notice mine
Well I couldn't put up with your schemin'
And I couldn't put up with your lies
They say that two wrongs won't make it right
But it's suiting me just fine

Don't be surprised to know
That sometimes women play the field
You may not believe it
But it's real, the game is so real
So real, so real
Oh, don't think we won't do it
When you're out in the club


Written by:

Kandi Burruss

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