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This song is by Kalapana and appears on the album Reunion (1995) and on the album Best Of 1 (1997).

Glider man, over land a-soaring.
Life below, could he know he's flying over my Laurie?
Natural high makes him sigh, to know that he's so free.
And he's smiling down at me.
Over mountains, naturally.

You watch the birds without a word and you wonder (watch the birds, without a word).
Could such a load have a hold? Amazed, you sit and wonder.
You wait for winds to give an assuring, hopeful kind of a sign,
Then sail into the heavens of your mind.
But he's flying, naturally, again.
Over oceans, naturally.

God, he never knew
That you'd be (you be) in his blue.

One with broken wings is gone forever.
He's left a goal for your soul that you should remember.
The ultimate that he earned didn't take too long.
The limits that he reached are dead and gone.
But he's flying, naturally, oh yeah.
Over mountains, naturally.

Over oceans, naturally.
Over mountains, naturally.
Over hillsides, naturally.


Written by:

Barry Blue Robin Smith

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