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The Mission

This song is by Kaiser/Mansfield/Howard and appears on the album Into the Night (1995).

His name is destruction
Surrounded by a cast of fools
You may try and beat him
But in the end you're gonna lose

He's the father of all lies
He doesn't play by any rules
And his whole life's mission
Is givin' you the blues

He's the god of this world
He really thinks he is the boss
Some people even worship him
He was defeated at the cross

He is the great deceiver
He'll make you play your dues
'Cause his whole life's mission
Is givin' you the blues

He was there at the death camps
A friend of Hitler in World War II
Now his death camps are
Abortion clinics
He's killin' me, he's killin' you

Don't you wanna be a soldier
A soldier of the cross
And with the Sword of the Spirit
Which is the Word of God

You can break those chains
Of Satan and stop playin' the fool
And make your whole life's mission
Givin' him the blues

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