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The MC

This song is by KRS-One and appears on the album I Got Next (1997).

Look, it's the teacher... Teach us...

Who am I? The MC, la-di da-di
I don't wear Versace, I wear DJ's out quickly at the party
Who am I? If you're like me
Hip hop is in your body. Who am I? The MC!
When the jam is slow and you need a proceeder
Who am I? The MC!
When you need a lyrical leader wit oratorical triple features
Who am I? The MC!
When you need to rock your 3000-seat arena, best believe, uh
Who am I? The MC!
When you need to get the word on the street wit demeanor
Who am I? The MC!
I beg thee, let me splurt rhymes, I have plenty
Who am I? The MC! Lord have mercy
I hit sutton like Percy
Always New like Jersey, stay thirsty
Who am I? The MC! Showin my authority, superiority
An artistic minority, now you startin me
'Cause party philosophy
Can only be carried out by Who am I? The MC!
No doubt, predicting far ahead
What will set the party off immensely with plenty of who?
The MC! Trained at Rooftop, Red Zone, Roxy and Bentley's
Who am I? The MC!
Gently move crowds with harmonious rhythm
'Cause the lyrics we give 'em they miss em
Who am I? The MC! again, The MC!
Her infinite power helps, oppressed people sent me
To tell you if you truly study lyrical flows
And stay on your toes you will be Who am I?
The MC! and as an MC
You will study verbal magic but watch what you say
'Cause you'll attract it control your subconscious magnet
From pullin in havoc Who am I?
The MC! Non-stoppin' MC
Hip hoppin MC Verbal rockin', head knockin'
Quick droppin' MC I laugh 'cause I mastered the craft MC
In sound clash I'm the first and last MC
It's sort of like Jim Carrey throwin' that Mask to me
I black out and wake up to catastrophe
3 MC's dead from the sound
Blowin' out massively, wow!
Who am I? The MC! Untouchable
Can't be caught off guard with fast tracks or slow tracks
Ass cracks get waxed to the max
MC's pack raps for all tracks
Indigenous cultures, Asians, Whites and Blacks never missed it
The linguistic of Who am I? The MC!
Meta-lyrical poetic mystic MC
Hearin the voice of an ancient spirit MC
Premeditated worder
Killin' negative concepts out the mind of the observer MC
You deserve a break from counterfeits, frauds and fakes
Claimin to be an MC for heaven sakes
Well, this MC done raised the stakes
Under the stress from KRS contracts and mental gats are bound to break
Who am I? The MC! Again the MC!
Conduct yourselves properly MC



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