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Illegal Business Remix 2004

This song is by KRS-One and appears on the album Keep Right (2004).

Ha! Ha! Huh! Huh! What's this?
Yo, huh, huh, huh

(Verse One)
I'm the one that steps in the club, ya not see it
Givin' dap, givin' pounds and hugs, ya not see it
In the club I'm not lookin' for love, ya not see it
Gimme the mic and I'll show you whassup, better believe it
I'm not at the bar, whatever the pub, ya not see it
Still they sendin me these bottles of bub, ya not see it
But I will open the minds of thugs, ya not see it
Who you think really bring in the drugs, ya not see it
60 million people smokin' the bud, ya not see it
Cause the American way of life is bugged, ya not see it
You never peep it, yo this ain't a secret, ya not see it
They confiscate it, resell it, you retrieve it, ya not see it!
So believe it while you sit there weeded, ya not see it
Hip-Hop culture who gonna lead it, ya not see it
K, R, S One, ya not see it
Peace love unity and havin' the fun, ya not see it

Cocaine business control America
Ganja business control America
KRS-One still causin hysteria
Illegal business control America
Diamond business control America
The oil business control America
KRS-One still causin hysteria
Illegal business control America

(Verse Two)
Yo, rise up brother, raise up sister
Visualize wealth, put yourself in the picture
Very few cats gon' tell you the half, ya not see it
'Cause they're really only after the cash, ya not see it
But they wind up sellin they own ass
One album, two album, they gone they don't last
So hold on a minute now, don't be so fast
Knowledge Reigns Supreme with me ya won't crash
Ha, I'm the cat that spits the raw, ya not see it
They can't believe when I hit the tour, ya not see it
I'm not ready to retire for sure, ya not see it
I'm from the 70's, I'm down by law, ya not see it
We passed fliers door to door, ya not see it
Popularity's growin' more and more, ya not see it
Conscious rap where the heart is at, ya not see it
We be screamin WHERE THE PARTY AT, ya not see it
But instead of the Bacardi sack, ya not see it
Fallin' out in the party in the back, ya not see it
Let me show you where the art is at, ya not see it
Put down your money I'm takin' all of that, ya not see it
All the clubs they be callin me back, ya not see it
I'm never short 'cause I'm taller than that, ya not see it
I'm only showin you the other way out
Maybe I'm preachin but this is what love is about, ya not see it

(Verse Three)
KRS, I speak when I must
This that official underground rap, this you can trust
I stand outside the industry and there's many of us
Talkin' mad shit but for those who not bilingual, plenty of stuff
My whole crew is why you can't get with any of us
Reason I'm not on TV 'cause I'm not sellin you nothin'
I'm not rhymin for a Bentley or a house this plush
I spit for the conscious, what about us?
Time's up, time to open that mind up
Temple of Hip-Hop sign up, devils we bind up
When I'm up rhymin cuts your spirit hear it and shines up
Climb up before you wind up takin'


(Chorus - minus instrumental)

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