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This song is by KRS-One and appears on the album Maximum Strength: Two Thousand Eight (2008).

I know we ain't gettin' soft, HUT HUT HUT HUT!
I know we ain't gettin' soft, listen

(Chorus: KRS-One)
When you advertise in New York
You best to beware, oh yes
When you advertise in New York, you best to beware
Cause the bling bling, and de sex t'ing
Dem no care, oh no, you best to beware
Oh no, yo you best to beware, oh no no

This is how they do it kid, I thought you knew it kid
This is how they set us up listen I can prove it kid
Many don't understand, you see it's all a plan
To keep the black man a child like he's Peter Pan
You'll never see a man, a real black man
Until you see a man with control of his hands
And to control your hands means you control your mind
And to control your mind means you ain't committin crimes
Man you smarter than that, goin' to prison is whack
Even the people in prison know I'm spittin' the facts
I'm gettin' open, open the class up
Don't smoke crack it'll tear yo' ass up

Listen! We got our own problems here in the States
So you know I'm not pointin the finger BUT WAIT
This is somethin' y'all got to see
Even the UN knows violence begins with poverty
When you ain't got no money, it's quicker to kill
It's human nature that's way the jails are filled
And the MILITARY? From the time you sign up
To kill your neighbor man it's a SIN already
And SIN meaning Selfish Inconsiderate Needs
Gimme what I want! I don't care who bleeds
These days people ready to steal and rob
All in the name of I'm DOING MY JOB~!
But what about doing your work, what's your purpose?
No human being is worthless
Think about this before you pull the trigger
And you call your sister a bitch and your brother a - Whoa

Knowledge Reigns Supreme again, ignorance is weakenin
Truth is what I'm speakin' when I'm reachin' and teachin my friends
Life is more than just cars and lust
Unity is a must, we need to build trust
Open up your mind to this, raisin up your consciousness
Whether you a pessimist, strategist or optimist
My synopsis is knowledge ain't where college is
Knowledge is for leaders and wisdom is for philosophers
Now I'm hearin London gettin' violence like Brooklyn was
Brothers gettin' shot just for lookin' cause?
I thought we deaded that, we need to be headed back
Yo France, you need to be coverin your brother's back
Bring the lovin' back, cause the government don't love you
They into murder, money, and stayin above you
They want you all in prison
So before you kill your sister or brother stop and listen

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