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A Freestyle Song

This song is by KRS-One and appears on the album D.I.G.I.T.A.L. (2003).

Here comes the mighty
Yes I'm a righty
I live in a apartment with my mom
I rap becuz I listen to beats on CD roms
Man I wish I was on the road to fame
Instead they say I'm lame
But ill try to prove them right
I just think they're lookin' for a fight
Forget it
Ill just get my revenge on them rabbits
No I'm just playing
I just hope I keep praying
I couldn't hear what my mom was saying
All I heard was
My brotha has an imaginary friend named
All he does is talk about gob
Naw ill quit talkin'
And ill just keep walkin'
I'm outy
Before it gets too crowdy

I'm out

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