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Take It Like A Man

This song is by KMFDM and appears on the album WTF?! (2011).

Let's play a game of truth or dare
Throw caution to the wind like we don't give a damn
I said me first it's fun to learn things new
I'm playing house in your backyard
And you don't stand a chance

Talk shout cat-fight show me what you got
'Cause I got the goods
Get the picture
Step aside
Take it like a man

Willy-nilly get your head out of your ass
Man-eater bird of prey
Get it while you can
The kind of girl that makes the balls turn blue
Suck it up like a champ on your knees
Here's some news for you

Tough talk hot stuff
Show me what you got
'Cause I got the ring
Get the picture
Step outside
Take it like a man

Tittle-tattle caught
Two time-a-cheatin'
Bad bad girl
Gonna give you a beatin'

Shut up! watch out
I'm not the type who'll take this lying down

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