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Playing God

This song is by KMFDM and appears on the album Our Time Will Come (2014).

Pseudo-prophet enemy
Praying on fresh lambs to lead
Filthy rotten stink of greed
Spreading lies like a disease

Pulled the wool
Did it right
Revel in the glory as you bask in the light
You like playing god

Got the world falling at your feet
Shame on you don't practice what you preach
You like playing god

Charismatic engineer
Idolized by those who fear
All nonbelievers to be damned
Total submission on command

Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Abuse authority in god we trust
You like playing god

Right the wrong
Rid the blight
Behold enter the womb of the hive
You like playing god

Abhorrently base
Forceful seduction
Moral bombing of gullible minds
Violence-based faith in the name of destruction
Straightforward fascism
Missionary style

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