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Ganja Rock

This song is by KMFDM and appears on the album UAIOE (1989).

(?) Ha ha ha ha ha
Isn't this great
Said go with the beat in the place to be
Me have one with the beat
Me are live the life
Say life is acting
Everybody want to live
So if you want to live life well make it
You gonna roll you gonna hit it
You gonna do everything everything
You gonna climb
You want everything but no that ain't life
Life is what me I want do right here hey
I do it this way and I rhyme off in stylin'
Say bow, talla talla bow
We are scared? Let's go
In a groove we stylin' is a rock about freestylin'
But we are groove you anyhow you want
That is a feeling is a feeling my need man
Wake up you got to wake up and do somethin' man
Know what's going on say
Ha ha ha ha say
These going down to Dillinger my man Dillinger in New York
My man China Eric my man Eric Browns my man Mai Mao
My man come on y'all this is coming all the way from this city
But we gonna groove it see
Get with it man it's so true
Its white its black its green its yellow its colors
Its everything you want say woo that murder style
I got these feelings too strong and you know that
We have said get with it don't just bluff it
You know it playing it too cool will get you to nowhere
It will get you to (?)

You gotta lose your mind in the ganja rock

Sing its strong isn't it but don't worry we're gonna get it right
Sing spiritual to in a murder stylin'
One time on a walk down the street I see a girl
Me call this girl I say yo walk it on
The girl say yo man you better look for something
And do something man
I said no man me I want go and be the life girl
I want see what the life is about
And all them things in life because I know it's going on
And I can see that and you know you can see that too girl
So no need to front its definitely soul
Its nothing you writing down and living the expensive life
Life is everything you want if love is what you want cool
Say (?)
Feel good

You gotta lose your mind in the ganja rock

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