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This song is by KMFDM and appears on the album XTORT (1996).

She was a living doll
The rainbow in one eye
And the other
Bluer than the bluest sky

This fairy took a stroll among the strawberries
To have some breakfast with the fellow fairies

"Some rose petal stew
And a drop of morning dew
That'll do,"
She contemplated
Slightly irritated
About her frustration
Towards creation

Being ethereal
Could drive her hysterical
Particularly since she has a physical

Then this punk came by
And she said, "Hi"

His neon hair stood upright
And shades hid his eyes against the light
The pins piercing his skin
Expressed the state he was in

But something was very alive in his pants
And he took it out with both hands

"I'll fuck you fairy," he said
"Right here in the fucking strawberry bed
Lick my dick!" he insisted
Her ethereal mind was totally twisted
Right out of her head

"Good golly, I'm getting rather wet
But, is this all I'm gonna get?
Hardly more than a drop of morning dew!
I didn't really come, how about you?"

But the punk was on his way
And in the fairy forest the fairy had to stay
And like many of us, with herself she had to play
For the remainder of this exciting, wonderful, this very day


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