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Who Is Kb?

This song is by KB and appears on the album Who Is KB? (2011).

Ladies and Gentlemen
I'd like to welcome to the stage
I know you all been wonderin who this brother is
So, without further ado, it's your brother and mine
Put your hands together and make some noise for KB
(Let's go now)

Eh, KB homie nice to know you
22 but the dude cool with the old school
Expose you to the old truths from the folks who
Get a boat load for the Dude who's before you
Yeah, I was discipled by the old dudes
Taught me to be a FOTU before Pro Tools
You all about the numbers play Sudoku
We're focused on living by the Spirit Christ was rose through
I ain't always been the dude who would choose chastity
Took God's name in vain before, sin was a blast for me
Lived casually till I saw His gravity
He holds, controls, alts, deletes - Task Mananging
Lyrical provision for makin' that biblical truth
I've gotta be keepin' it goin'
Faithful to my Saviour tell 'em that before you hear my flowin
I'ma continue to biblically preach follow the lead, follow the lead
Steppin to rep him equip with the weapon
I'm keepin' the legacy been givin' to me
Its KB

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