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Don't Leave Me

This song is by K-Rino and appears on the album Alien Baby (2011).

Follow me...
Now I'm a sing a Negro spiritual...

I'm standing in the light, but the darkness overcrowding me
Guilt and doubted me is tryna eat it's way up out of me
I'm imbalance spiritually psychological cosmically
What you looking at is real, no trick photography
See I gotta a lot sins weighing on my consciousness
Knowing all my faults makes me uncomfortable with compliments
Still daily I pray to win, mental roof caving in
Labouring to shake all the bad behavior I'm bathing in
Every devil in Satanic knowledge I'm denouncing them
'Cause when it counts I can't benefit an ounce from ya counseling
My visions reigns from giant pictures to wallet frames
Got a list of solid things that I wish that I could change
My mind is stuck in the past no hope there to be fed
'Cause I can't turn the channel like the remote battery's dead
And out my heart I can't tune it,
Although it's been years since I consumed it it looms in my soul, it's still wounded

[Chorus: K-Rino]]
Lord I'm trying so please don't leave me
I plan on changing but it's not easy
If I start walking to ya I know you will need me
I can't let the forces of this world deceive me
Don't leave me

Got knowledge but I'm trifling, I just want my life again
God's the only friend you got, why the hell you fighting him?
Chasing all these earthly things my standards I set 'em low
The stuff I lusted never gave me jack but I won't let 'em go
My past, it be harassing me
I try to magically trash it but it recast itself with perfect accuracy
Confession, passive aggression
Is life daily past predestined or left in our hands is the question?
Whatever made you pursue please don't give those praises to me
I'm a foolish vessel blessed to have the most high speaking through me
I'm grateful for whatever way he might see fit to use me
Giving me the credit only proves to me you never knew me
To the unperceptive kind I appear to be blind
Maybe because I think with my heart and I see with my mind
Your looking at a work in process, not yet solid
One stage of the elevation this is not the finished product

Damn it seem hopeless, got great frustration
So how can I focus and chase salvation
When my discipline is not strong as temptations
Be coming new ways daily creatively persuading me
Gotta be freed with the revelation I received
To possibility be an example of what I believe
The road to accepting my own
It's true that I been hit with a few stones, but how many have I thrown?
See my best I gave it, that test I aced it
But I feel like all this music I'm making is being wasted
Sadness kicks in is it worth it my mind wonders
Still I understand that strength is not always in numbers
I'm almost on empty; it's two doors within me
See one is God's door and the other is where the sin be
So bring me to where I meant to be through wise council
I win with you but I'm less than nobody without you

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