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Home Is (2001)

J.D. Vernon - Home Is

Home Is

  • (as J.D. Vernon)
  1. Feels Like Home
  2. Feel the Light
  3. Leave It Alone
  4. Breathe
  5. We Can Look Up
  6. Train Yard Blues (Live)
  7. Jefferson Street
  8. When It Rains Down Here
  9. May 26th 1999 (May 27th 5:53 in the Morning)
  10. Lullabye of the Three Dancers
  11. Morning
  12. Home Is

Self Record (2005)

Justin Vernon - Self Record

Self Record

  1. The Whippgrass
  2. Pier 39
  3. O're the Hills, 'Neath the Gape
  4. Drinking This Rain/I'm on Fire (Live)
  5. Return to You
  6. Above the Code
  7. Sweet, Sweet Magdalene
  8. How Many?
  9. Right Down There in Your Tributary
  10. April Four
  11. The Orient and the Gatsby's Slew of Choices
  12. Sides
  13. Ring Out
  14. Redemption 1 (An Army Man and His Self-Discovery)
  15. Death, Shake of Me All Unclean
  16. Nothing Better Than a Journey to You
  17. We Will Never Die

Hazeltons (2006)

Justin Vernon - Hazeltons


  1. Hazelton
  2. Frail Sail
  3. Game Night
  4. Easy
  5. Liner
  6. Song For A Lover Of Long Ago
  7. Hanna, My Ophelia

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Artist information:

  • b. 1981
  • Occupation: Singer-Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer
  • Instruments: vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, bass guitar, drums

Real name:

Justin Vernon is a performance name for Justin DeYarmond Edison Vernon.

Years active:

1998 - present

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