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==[[Junius:Forcing Out The Silence (2004)|Forcing Out the Silence (2007)]]==
==[[Junius:Forcing Out The Silence (2004)|Forcing Out the Silence (2004)]]==
{{Album Art||Forcing Out the Silence}}
{{Album Art||Forcing Out the Silence}}
# '''[[Junius:(Elan Vital)|[Elan Vital]]]'''
# '''[[Junius:(Elan Vital)|[Elan Vital]]]'''

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Forcing Out the Silence (2004)

Junius - Forcing Out the Silence

Forcing Out the Silence

  1. [Elan Vital]
  2. Hiding Knives
  3. From The Isle Of The Blessed
  4. [Elan Fatale]
  5. Forcing Out The Silence

Blood is Bright (2007)

Junius - Blood is Bright

Blood is Bright

  1. [The Annunciation]
  2. Blood Is Bright
  3. A Word Could Kill Her
  4. In The Hearts Of Titans
  5. At The Age Of Decay

The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist (2010)

Junius - The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist

The Martyrdom Of A Catastrophist

  1. Birth Rites by Torchlight
  2. The Antediluvian Fire
  3. (turning to the spirit of the hours...)
  4. A Dramatist Plays Catastrophist
  5. Ten Year Librarian
  6. Stargazers And Gravediggers
  7. (...and then he fell before her)
  8. Elishiva, I Love You
  9. Letters From Saint Angelica
  10. The Mourning Eulogy

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