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"In this short period of time that I have, I hope to leave here with some seeds, some ferment of thought, of skepticism, of a new look at the Universe, and what is in it..."

Standing around a grave, chanting lines from a page
It's the mourning denial, an age-old recital
The fear of uncertain fate

An ember falls from the sky, foreshadowing out demise
It's happened before, the fables ignored
A subject most vital, and why he has sacrificed

Why is death required, to turn a flame into fire?
A radiating force
A memory adorned
At last, he was admired
We lower him into the ground
Pour dirt on his furrowed brow
The procession recedes, some fall to their knees
blaming the gods for a loss that they have found

We will find... Sacrifice!
We will rise... blinding light!

You know I tried so hard to find the fire in all of us
And now I rise to heaven above
Ascension absolves none of us

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