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Stepped outside and walked to the edge
Toes pointing down over the past again
I’m frightened by my urge to descend
Opened up my chest many times before
To the knife of love to the best unborn
I swore out to the night
And felt myself begin to lean in

Spinning out around around
Descending on a forming crowd
Of sullen eyes hiding knives
Spinning out around around
They’re looking twice and slowing down
I really doubt I’ll make out alive

Layed out next to my still beating heart
I’ve fallen down inside a caustic crowd
They slip and fall when blood it pours out
They suck it up but it won’t decay
It beats for hours it beats for days
Their sullen lives, numbing nights
Holding on to murmurs for dear life

We can fall forever
Filling the night sky
Feelings that won’t die
A rush of warm blood
We can fall forever
Holding hands in silent flight
Coping with loss and love’s lies
We can fall forever
Holding on to nice tries
Rushing towards the fine lines
Crawl in my life

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