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Hoodoo Man Blues (1965)

Buddy Guy - Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Hoodoo Man Blues

Hoodoo Man Blues

  1. Snatch It Back and Hold It
  2. Ships On the Ocean
  3. Good Morning Schoolgirl
  4. Hound Dog
  5. In the Wee Wee Hours
  6. Hey Lawdy Mama
  7. Hoodoo Man Blues
  8. Early In the Morning
  9. We're Ready
  10. You Don't Love Me
  11. Chitlin Con Carne
  12. Yonder Wall

Coming At You (1968)

Junior Wells - Coming at You

Coming at You

  1. Stop Breaking Down
  2. Somebody's Tippin In
  3. Five Long Years
  4. Mystery Train
  5. So Sad This Morning
  6. When My Baby Left Me
  7. Little By Little
  8. Tobacco Road
  9. Worried Life Blues
  10. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man
  11. You Don't Love Me Baby

Harp Attack! (1990)

James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell & Billy Branch - Harp Attack!

Harp Attack!

  1. Down Home Blues
  2. Who
  3. Keep Your Hands Out of My Pockets
  4. Little Car Blues
  5. My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble
  6. Broke and Hungry
  7. Hit Man
  8. Black Night
  9. Somebody Changed the Lock
  10. Second Hand Man
  11. New Kid on the Block

Everybody's Gettin' Some (1995)

Junior Wells - Everybody's Gettin' Some

Everybody's Gettin' Some

  1. Sweet Sixteen
  2. Everybody's Gettin' Them Some
  3. I Can't Stand No Signifyin'
  4. Get Down
  5. Keep On Steppin'
  6. Shaky Ground
  7. You're Tough Enough
  8. Use Me
  9. Trying To Get Over You
  10. Last Hand Of The Night
  11. Don't You Lie To Me
  12. That's What Love Will Make You Do

Come On In This House (1997)

Junior Wells - Come on in This House

Come on in This House

  1. What My Momma Told Me/That's All Right
  2. Why Are People Like That?
  3. Trust My Baby
  4. Million Years Blues
  5. Give Me One Reason
  6. Ships On The Ocean
  7. She Wants To Sell My Monkey
  8. So Glad You're Mine
  9. Mystery Train
  10. I'm Gonna Move To Kansas City
  11. King Fish Blues
  12. You Better Watch Yourself
  13. Come On In This House
  14. The Goat

Best Of The Vanguard Years (1998)

Junior Wells - Best of the Vanguard Years

Best of the Vanguard Years

  1. Help Me (A Tribute To Sonny Boy Williamson)
  2. It Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong)
  3. Messin' With The Kid
  4. Vietcong Blues
  5. All Night Long
  6. It's My Life, Baby
  7. It's So Sad To Be Lonely
  8. Country Girl
  9. Stormy Monday Blues
  10. Shake It Baby
  11. Checking On My Baby
  12. Early In The Morning
  13. (I Got A) Stomach Ache
  14. Look How Baby
  15. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
  16. Slow, Slow
  17. Shotgun Blues
  18. You Know That I Know

Keep On Steppin' - The Best Of (1998)

Junior Wells - Keep On Steppin' - The Best Of

Keep On Steppin' - The Best Of

  1. Oh, Pretty Women
  2. Sweet Sixteen
  3. Give Me One Reason
  4. Get Down
  5. Keep On Steppin'
  6. Broke And Hungry
  7. Mystery Train
  8. Use Me
  9. King Fish Blues
  10. Why Are People Like That?
  11. The Train
  12. Messin' With The Kid

Live Around the World: The Best of (2002)

Junior Wells - Live Around the World- The Best Of

Live Around the World: The Best of

  1. Broke & Hungry
  2. Hoo Doo Man
  3. What My Mama Told Me
  4. Sweet Sixteen
  5. Got My Mojo Working
  6. Little Red Rooster
  7. Messin' With the Kid
  8. Take Off Your Shoes
  9. Waitin' On the Night Train
  10. Little By Little
  11. Help Me

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  1. I Could Cry

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Artist information:

  • b.1934, d.1998
  • Instruments: Vocals, harmonica

Real name:

Junior Wells is a performance name for Amos Wells Blakemore Jr..

Also known as:

Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band

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