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Chronicles Of The Juice Man (2002)

Juicy J - Chronicles Of The Juice Man

Chronicles Of The Juice Man

  1. Pimptro
  2. North, North (Part Two) (featuring Project Pat)
  3. Who Da Buckest (featuring Project Pat, La Chat and Frayser Boy)
  4. Gimme Head (featuring La Chat and Frayser Boy)
  5. Pimp Talk
  6. Like A Pimp (featuring La Chat)
  7. Killa Klan (featuring Crunchy Black and Lord Infamous)
  8. Smoke Dat Weed (featuring Lord Infamous)
  9. Buck Gangsta Beat
  10. Mafia Niggaz (featuring Hypnotize Camp Posse)
  11. Name It After Me (featuring Frayser Boy)
  12. Gimme Sum (featuring La Chat and Frayser Boy)
  13. Soldiers From The Northside
  14. Dick Suckin' Hoez

Hustle Till I Die (2009)

Juicy J - Hustle Till I Die

Hustle Till I Die

  1. Hustle Till I Die (featuring V-Slash)
  2. 30 Inches (featuring Gucci Mane and Project Pat)
  3. Fiyayaya Weed (featuring Project Pat)
  4. North Memphis Like Me (featuring V-Slash)
  5. My Niggaz
  6. Ghost Dope
  7. Violent
  8. Let's Get High
  9. Ugh Ugh Ugh (featuring Project Pat and Webbie)
  10. You Niggaz Pussy (featuring V-Slash)
  11. Skit
  12. Real D Boyz
  13. Purple Kush (featuring Gorilla Zoe and Project Pat)
  14. Skit
  15. That What A Pimp Does
  16. Sell A Lot Of Thangs
  17. You Can Get Murked
  18. Get Me Some Money (featuring V-Slash and Project Pat)
  19. Fuck All Ya'll (featuring V-Slash)
  20. Pimp (Outro)

Stay Trippy (2013)

Juicy J - Stay Trippy

Stay Trippy

  1. Stop It
  2. Smokin' Rollin' (featuring Pimp C)
  3. No Heart No Love (featuring Project Pat)
  4. So Much Money
  5. Bounce It (featuring Wale and Trey Songz)
  6. Wax
  7. Gun Plus a Mask (featuring Yelawolf)
  8. Smoke a Nigga (featuring Wiz Khalifa)
  9. Show Out (featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy)
  10. The Woods (featuring Justin Timberlake)
  11. Money a Do It
  12. Talkin' Bout (featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa)
  13. All I Blow Is Loud
  14. Bandz a Make Her Dance (featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz)
  15. Scholarship (featuring A$AP Rocky)
  16. If I Ain't
Best Buy deluxe edition bonus tracks
  1. One Thousand (featuring Wiz Khalifa)
  2. Having Sex (featuring Trina and 2 Chainz)
  3. One of Those Nights (featuring The Weeknd)

Songs featuring Juicy J

Other Songs

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  1. Shell Shocked (featuring Kill The Noise and Madsonik)
  2. Payback
  3. A Zip And A Double Cup
  4. Aint No Coming Down
  5. Bitch I Own You
  6. Boat Load
  7. Chitty Bang
  8. Clappers
  9. D-Suckin'-H
  10. Durr She Go
  11. Entertainment 2.0
  12. Freshy
  13. If You Ain't From My Hood
  14. In The Stars
  15. Juicy J Can't
  16. Know Betta
  17. Mash It Up
  18. Milf
  19. Raise Ya Thumbs Up
  20. Real Hustlers Don't Sleep
  21. Same Old Song
  22. She Bad Bad
  23. Show Ya Pu**y
  24. Slob On My Cat
  25. Slob On My Knob
  26. Smokin' On
  27. Stoner's Night 2
  28. Stu
  29. Sucks On D**k
  30. Talkin'
  31. The Plan
  32. Trippy
  33. Where Dem Dollas At
  34. Who Da Neighbors

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