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2 Dope Boyz (Mick Boogie Mix)

This song is by Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne and appears on the compilation album Blow (The "I Can't Feel My Face" Prequel) (2006).

(Lil Wayne:)
Thinking of a master plan
I get money but I'm thninking of a faster plan
I'm trying cash it in
I got five in dat gabbage can
And it's wrapped serran
I need cash advanced
You see I know three songs
The other two a jam
I'm a sit on one and whip the other one much as I can
Hot as fucking Sedan
Windows rolled down no sound
The bricks got the speakers drowned
I ain't listening for shit but sirens
I'm tryna get my ships so f*** you pirates
I'll touch you cowards
It ain't nothing to a boss
Them niggas in da hood tryna floss
And ya head gotta cost
Take a loss
SS 5-5 all black with the top chopped off that
Catch me in da spot where them shots pop off at
I ain't tryna prove nothing
I'm just move something

It's Just two dope boys in a cadillac
It's Just two dope boys in a cadillac

(Juelz Santana:)
Now let me introduce the world to my girl
She white she bright she shine like a pearl
And I ain't talking bout Lindsey Lohan
I'm talking bout that sniff that blow man
What's That?
One hit that'll get cha open
Might make ya nose bleed if it's potent
So if ya not ready
Homie don't tamper with her
She da chick who had Tony Montana slipping
She so bad she make you mad
But soon as you get mad she make you cash
That white Girl
But she ain't always that light
But she ain't always that bright
But she ain't always that white
Gimme one girl
I mean one gram
I'll teach you how to give a white girl a sun tan
Put it in that pot
Till it get that hot
Then start the sir-mix-a lot

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