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This song is by Juelz Santana.

[Juelz Santana]- Intro
C'mon, Yo Rell, we missed you while you was gone man
But you came home just in time, its Dipset season again
Its time to go off

(Hell Rell)
So Gangsta, So Thug
Rap Game, Sewed Up
Sold Guns, Sold Drugs
(Juelz) Hell Rell, Hold up!

(Juelz Santana)
I sold crack, I am crack
I am back, bet stacks
Everything you niggas lack
I give back with the mack

(Hell Rell)
I've been realer, you racoons
I'm chinchilla, I send killas
To your crib, with 10 milla's
You're nobody, We're them niggas

(Juelz Santana)

That's true, That's right
What's new, That's life
Deal with it, fact is
Real niggas, is still Dip

(Hell Rell)
It's my world, It's my rules
My guns, My jewels
Both great, You won't pay?
You want war?...O-kay...

Black Truck, Big Goons
Full Clips, Full moons
I rise, They fall
I win, they lose

(Juelz Santana)
Stay tuned, this is
Just a preview, of what we do
What we bring you, Dipset
When you see us picture
He's so fresh, Oh yes, Coke stretch, Oh yes
Mix it, I'll whip it, its counter-clock-wise to the mack

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