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Like A Boss Freestyle

This song is by Juelz Santana.

Its Santanna muthafucka
Get used to me
Bandanna muthafucka
Boots and jeans
Gotta grind like a boss
Got a mind like a boss
Give you work
Expect my money back on time like a boss
I'm so flash like a boss
Pop tags like a boss
If that cash come up short
I'm on you're like a boss
And you slow guys
Better know by... now
That two oh five is you know... MINE
Got drink for the jug
Got leaf for the bud
Got freaks for the tub
Nigga creep, get a slug
I ain't a rat
I don't speak to the judge
I don't speak to the cops
I don't sleep with the bugs
Though his mouth ain't have leaks but it does
Fat liar
Fuck em
Pug em
Make him a flat tire
You ain't built like a boss
You'd rather die like a coward
Then get killt like a boss
And cause you lift weights and work out
You ain't big like a boss
You gotta ditch weight and work out
To get big like a boss
So when you see me
And I be so fresh dressed
Step aside recognize
I'm a B-O-S-S
Niggas stunt like a boss
Front like a boss
Problem is
They can't get it done like a boss
So don't try to play hard
And don't try to parts
You can't play
P.S. Don't quit ya day-job
You got cake, pop it off
You got hate, knock it off
If you ain't what you say and you think
You're not a boss
I get dough like a boss
I get coke like a boss
Fuck a drought nigga
Shit never slow for a boss

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