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I Can't Feel My Face

This song is by Juelz Santana and appears on the compilation album Blow (The "I Can't Feel My Face" Prequel) (2006) by Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne.

Blow, blow, blow
(Lil wayne:) I can't feel my face
Ha ha I can't...
(Juelz santana:) I can't feel my face
Just make it up

(Juelz santana:)
As I sit back relax shorty head in my lap. in the back of the bent lee getting head in the back. you know. and she ain't got a head full of naps, so I'm pushing on her head from the back gimme that, gimme that. up and down, down and out gimme that. laffy taffy came on she gave me head till it snaped. like doo, doo, da, da, doom, doom. she made me like the song cuhz she wrong, yeah, she about asked you about work, she suck dick like a vacuum suck dirt. a cold hearted quick to pick a rubber quick to pick another quicker than a nigga tell her you dig bitch! now let me tell you about the six shot grouger that I keep for you buster if you touch her I'll shoot you I dust you I'll bang you, I'll remove you like a died car battery trust me I'll booste you no car cables. I'll hang you like ahanger in the closet. no coat on the hanger just hang you in the closet, or I can just meet you where you stand or I can shoot you in the end then leave you where you end

(Lil wanye:)
I can't feel my face, ha ha, I can't feel my face! juelz work with me

I came to rep my hood
I gotta ride clean
I gotta smoke good
I'm pullin on big fancy cigers like suge. I ain't got to explain once I'm ready understood, baby I'ma g I'm just tryna get fooled
The hotest antstriated keep it warm like wool. next talk shit! I wish a nigga would boy
Smellin like shit from a bull boy
I got alot but I can never get enough of them twenty-six inches got the lowes raising up, yup! mama I can hook it so you need to fix it up, yup! rockin' my piano how I beat the pussy up, yup! you might of survived but your crew gets fucked. tell a nigga from ahundred yards like blaka! yeah, you really ain't prepared dawg bout to split your ass in half, and didn't share y'all. that's the name stop looking for a fair call. pussy cat nigga's watch them cough up a hair ball. looking at nigga's like why you gotta stare dawg? chops cuts heads off doesn't cut hair off. these nigga's is air soft. soft shell taco mild sauce
You keep on running like a wild horse
Or I can shoot you like a mob boss
Feel my swagger nagger
I'm sharper than a knife still blazing rappers
Don't play with me basterd
Blaka, blaka, blaka! don't play with me casper. don't hate. don't play with the rapper I tell it to my hoes they gon pay me faster
Bitch make me rich if not make me cum then make me rich. now watch the blow means dice. make me rich. I'm bout to deal a whole hand out in eight of be like why you lying. hey lil rapper its surviva time

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