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Gimmie Dat Freestyle

This song is by Juelz Santana.

Welcome to my diary here's another letter,
I keep that white girl just call me Hew Hefner,
I'm Heavy wit da birds so you should cop a feather,
And my Money run's long like sleeves on a sweater,
Damn I make it flood I am just bad weather,
Or something like sex, I just keep gettin' better,
And better... and better... and if life is like a clit,
Den I'm goin' at it hard like a man up in his bitch,
And I'm fuckin' it too rough do you think I need to quit,
But my flow is so Viagra and hip hop is my dick,
So fuck all the men and woman who don't like it,
I will leave 'em in the ocean like the titanic,

And yes I got dat yah bitch workin on my strip,
And I'm all up in dat ass like where is my shyt,
The boy so coldshe likes my stick,
I'm the human popsicle that all the girls lick,
So let make it clear I am only havin' fun,
And If they sleepin' on me well the nightmare has begun,
I will crush 'em 1 by 1 they fake like water guns,
And when I make it rain I leave 'em beggin for the sun,
Them niggaz so soft... I call 'em hon-ney-bunz,
I'll bring 'em war wit stars like... O-bi-Wun,
Wit Army Guns... so O-Be-Have,
I got 'em runnin' scared they need Atlanta Braves,

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