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Dipset (Santana's Town) (Skit)

This song is by Juelz Santana and appears on the album From Me To U (2003).

Juelz talkin':

Yeah let me call this bitch up
(Dials number)

Girl: hello?

Juelz: yo what's good what you doin'?

Girl: chillin'

Juelz: I ain't doin' shit I'm chillin' at the crib
Right now, what you tryin' to get into

Girl: shit I don't know, you tell me!

Juelz: you comin' over?

Girl: yeah

Juelz: where you at your crib?

Girl: yeah

Girls man in background: ay yo ay yo who the fuck
You talkin' too over there ma?

Juelz: what the fuck, who that?

Girl: I ain't talkin' to nobody this Keisha on the

Girls man: that's Keisha, o aight

Girl: anyway

Girls man: hold up wait wait
A fuckin' minute, I just talked to Keisha nigga
She sleep B

Juelz: (o that's her man!)

Girls man: yo who the fuck is you talkin' too
You dirty bitch see this is the fuckin' shit I be
Talkin' about, yo' ima slap the shit outta you B

Juelz: (laughin'!)

Girls man: naw matter fact, I ain't even worryin' about
That shit B, word to my mother B, I'm spittin' now,
I'm rappin' yo word to my mother
I'm bout to get signed to them Diplomats niggas B,
Word to my mother I just spoke to that nigga Juelz B

Juelz: yo tell him to chill!

Girl: chill baby damn

Girls man: word to my mother I'm about to be on,
Yeah Ima leave you bitch, Ha Ha! Ima leave you bitch,
You ain't gonna be nothin', diplomats baby!
Woo byrd gang, byrd gang all day!

Juelz: did he just say he signed to diplomats?

Girl: yeah but that nigga be sayin' so much bullshit
Its crazy!

Ends and fades into DIPSET (SANTANAS TOWN) song

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