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This song is by Judy Garland and appears on the album The Hollywood Years (1962).

Who, stole my heart away
Who, makes me dream all day
Dreams I know can never come true
Seems as though I'll ever be blue

Who, means my happiness
Who, would I answer yes to
No one, but you!

A woman's intentions, her feminine inventions
A seldom if ever defined
And I am no different, why should I be different?
I simply can't make up my mind
How can I solve this situation
Except by the process of elimination


Can it be, can it be, who can it be?

You'll never guess who has stolen my heart away dreaming dreams I know
Can never come true...
Seems as though
I'll never be blue!

Oh who, means my happiness
Who, would I answer yes to
Well you oughta guess who, who...
No one but you!

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