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It's Love I'm After

This song is by Judy Garland.

It's love I'm after
North, South, East and West
I have gone in my quest,
Far, wide
High and low
This one thing I know
It's love I'm after
I don't want to be a millionaire,
The only thing on earth
For which I care is love
Ba da da da da do
For love and laughter,
For love and laughter
I give all that I posses
Don't you know the only
Name for happiness
Is love, love, love
Rich man, poor man,
Beggar man, thief,
Feel the way I do
Because each one of them believes
He'll find somebody like you
It's love I'm after,
Love, I'm after,
Love, it's love I'm after,
It may make me rise or make me fall,
But it's love I'm after,
After all.

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