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Island Of Domination

This song is by Judas Priest and appears on the album Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976).

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Beware of their coming
Take heed, our time is near
Fatality relinquish not
Brutality in arms doth seek to destroy

They smashed through the clouds into the light of the moon
Their steeds were full charging, called destruction and doom
'Twas as if all hell had broke loose on this night
And all in all it was a terrible sight

Now we are taken unto the island of domination

We gotta get, we gotta get, we gotta get out of this place
There's a man with a needle who's pleading to get to my face
Hide me and hold me, control free as best as you can
It's all becoming too much, I can't cope, for one man

Now we are taken unto the island of domination

Sky rider supersonic flier, flier
Night diver, demon of desire
Spine snapper, you tried your best to break us (make us)
Throat-choker thought that you could take us (you could take us)

The fright of your life, the fright of your life
The fright of your life is here guaranteed
This is no illusion, confessing confusion you're freed
Lashings of strappings with beatings competing to win
Oh what a mess, I am blessed, domination's set in

Now we are taken unto the island of domination


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