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Funeral (Rap)

This song is by Joni Mitchell and appears on the album Mingus (1979).

"..Led an enormous band."
Swede: "Oh, But I know he's very lucky too, because when Mingus dies there's gonna be the same funeral they had for Duke Ellington... in a big church and the whole country's going to say, wow, he was so far out, you know what I mean?"
Charles: "No man, no big church! I'm going to be buried man - I got my shit all figured out!"
Swede: "You're going to get a big funeral - you're famous!"
Charles: "Vedanta Society, India, I'm going to be buried in India!"
Swede: "I know, but you're going to get a big funeral in this country, and they'll play your music for two days"
Charles: "Who's going to do that?"
Swede: "It's far out isn't it, y'know what I mean?"
Charles: "...You want me to hurry up, man"
Swede: "No I don't want you to hurry up, but in the future, I know you're going to get a beautiful funeral - I can see it!"
Charles: "But I got it all planned, man!"
Swede: "...You're going to be here many more years."
Charles: "You know the Vedanta Society in India... Yuga?"
Swede: "Yeah"
Charles: "Well I'm going to be buried by that church"
Swede: "Yeah?"
Charles: "So they gotta find another place to do it, that's all."
Swede: "...Plenty of time to go. You have another fifty years... you're lucky!"
Charles: "Uh, Duke lived to be 77 years old right?"
Swede: "Right!"
Charles: "I'm gonna cut him!"
Swede: "Coltrane was very strong, you know..."
Charles: "I'm gonna cut Duke!"

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