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Heaven Is You

This song is by Jon Secada and appears on the album Secada (English) (1997).

Music and Lyrics by James Harris III, Terry Lewis and Jon Secada

It's not your body
It's all in your style
Your warm and gentle personality
Is so beautiful darling.

Prayed for a perfect love then I met you
Sent as an angel to make my life new
God made the heavens and placed them above
But He left some hereon earth.

Heaven is you
You make me feel so good
Heaven is you
Every little thing you do.

Hold me tight in your arms
Everything feels so all right
And when you look into my eyes and say
I'm gonna love you till the day I die
I know that this is heaven.

Ask me the question I can't tell a lie
Cause your love to me is pure and paradise
Take me right now I'm yours anytime
'Cause you're my happiness
You're my heaven.

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