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The Lovin' Machine (1966)

Johnny Paycheck - The Lovin' Machine

The Lovin' Machine

  1. The Lovin' Machine
  2. Miller's Cave
  3. Florence Jean
  4. Hang On Sally
  5. Is That All I Meant To You
  6. I've Got Someone To Kill
  7. I Want You To Know
  8. Swinging Doors
  9. We're The Kind Of People
  10. The Johnson's Of Turkey Ridge
  11. Between Love And Hate
  12. Don't You Say Nothin' At All
  13. I Don't Know What Keeps Us Together
  14. I Know I Never Will

Jukebox Charlie (1967)

Johnny Paycheck - Jukebox Charlie

Jukebox Charlie

  1. Jukebox Charlie
  2. Touch My Heart
  3. Just Between You And Me
  4. Down At Kelly's
  5. You Can Hear A Teardrop
  6. Meanest Jukebox In Town
  7. My Baby Don't Love Me Anymore
  8. Apartment No 9
  9. Motel Time Again
  10. I Never Had The One That I Wanted
  11. Big Brother
  12. Or Is It Love
  13. Then Love Dies
  14. Malinche

Johnny Paycheck's Greatest Hits (1968)

Johnny Paycheck - Johnny Paycheck's Greatest Hits

Johnny Paycheck's Greatest Hits

  1. A 11
  2. Jukebox Charlie
  3. The Lovin' Machine
  4. The Cave
  5. Motel Time Again
  6. You'll Recover In Time
  7. If You Should Come Back Today
  8. Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey
  9. Ballad Of The Green Berets
  10. And I'll Be Hating You
  11. Touch My Heart
  12. My Heart Keeps Running To You
  13. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
  14. Fools Hall Of Fame

Wherever You Are (1969)

Johnny Paycheck - Wherever You Are

Wherever You Are

  1. Wherever You Are
  2. There's No Easy Way To Die
  3. Step Into My Soul
  4. Wildfire
  5. Where All Good Daddy's Go
  6. California Dream
  7. That's The Story
  8. You Tell Me Your Troubles
  9. If I'm Gonna Sink
  10. The Loser
  11. Everything You Touch Turns To Hurt
  12. My World Of Memories

Again (1970)

Johnny Paycheck - Again


  1. Forever Ended Yesterday
  2. I Feel Like Crying
  3. I Don't Know When That Will Be
  4. Julie
  5. My Sweet Love Ain't Around
  6. I've Got Wine On My Mind
  7. Keeping Up With The Joneses
  8. On The Sunny Side Of The Mountain
  9. Living The Life Of A Dog
  10. Talk About Me
  11. Honky Tonk And Slow Music
  12. It's For Sure I Can't Go On

She's All I Got (1971)

Johnny Paycheck - She's All I Got

She's All I Got

  1. She's All I Got
  2. You Touched My Life
  3. Love Sure Is Beautiful
  4. She's Everything To Me
  5. My Elusive Dreams
  6. He Will Break Your Heart
  7. You Once Lived Here
  8. Only Love Can Save Us
  9. Lets Walk Hand In Hand
  10. Livin' In A House Full Of Love
  11. A Man That's Satisfied

Somebody Loves Me (1972)

Johnny Paycheck - Somebody Loves Me

Somebody Loves Me

  1. Somebody Loves Me
  2. Spread It Around
  3. I Take It On Home
  4. Loving An Angel Every Day
  5. Song Sung Blue
  6. Life Can Be Beautiful
  7. The Woman Loves Me Right
  8. Love Couldn't Be Any Better
  9. It Takes A Woman's Love
  10. Without You
  11. Kissing Yesterday Goodbye

Someone to Give My Love To (1972)

Johnny Paycheck - Someone To Give My Love To

Someone to Give My Love To

  1. Someone to Give My Love To
  2. Smile Somebody Loves You
  3. Something
  4. Your Love Is the Key to It All
  5. Mr. Bojangles
  6. Love Is a Good Thing
  7. Heart Don't Need Eyes to See
  8. She's All I Live For
  9. Rain Never Falls in Denver
  10. High on the Thought of You
  11. It's Only a Matter of Wine

Song & Dance Man (1973)

Johnny Paycheck - Song & Dance Man

Song & Dance Man

  1. Song and Dance Man
  2. My Part Of Forever
  3. Love (Don't Let Me Down)
  4. For A Minute There
  5. Your Love Is Mine
  6. Loving Arms
  7. I Love Loving You, Baby
  8. Once She Loved Me That Much
  9. Because I Love You
  10. The Old Blind Fiddler
  11. She's There When I Come Home

Mr. Lovemaker (1973)

Johnny Paycheck - Mr. Lovemaker

Mr. Lovemaker

  1. Mr. Lovemaker
  2. Walk With Me, Girl
  3. If You Just Win One Time
  4. If Love Gets Any Better
  5. Love Is A Strange And Wonderful Thing
  6. Something About You I Love
  7. I'm Just Tired Of Hurting You
  8. I Won't Ever Love Again
  9. Once You've Had The Best
  10. All In The Name Of Love
  11. She'll Unwine Me

Greatest Hits (1974)

Johnny Paycheck - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

  1. She's All I Got
  2. Someone to Give My Love To
  3. My Part of Forever
  4. Love Is a Good Thing
  5. Song and Dance Man
  6. Keep On Lovin' Me
  7. Once You've Had the Best
  8. Somebody Loves Me
  9. Mr. Lovemaker
  10. Something About You I Love
  11. Let's All Go Down to the River

Loving You Beats All I've Ever Seen (1975)

Johnny Paycheck - Loving You Beats All I've Ever Seen

Loving You Beats All I've Ever Seen

  1. Loving You Beats All I've Ever Seen
  2. Don't Take My Sunshine Away
  3. If You Were A Place
  4. Ain't She Something Else
  5. Rhythm Guitar
  6. I Don't Love Her Anymore
  7. My Lovin' Time With You
  8. The Most Beautiful Girl
  9. Loving You Is All I Thought It Would Be
  10. The Touch Of The Master's Hand

11 Months And 29 Days (1976)

Johnny Paycheck - 11 Months And 29 Days

11 Months And 29 Days

  1. 11 Months And 29 Days
  2. The Woman Who Put Me Here
  3. The Feminine Touch
  4. I Sleep With Her Memory Every Night
  5. I Can See Me Lovin' You Again
  6. Gone At Last
  7. Closer Than I've Ever Been Before
  8. I've Seen Better Days
  9. Live With Me
  10. That's What The Outlaws In Texas Want To Hear

Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets (1977)

Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets

Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets

  1. Slide Off Of Your Satin Sheets
  2. If You Could Hold My Heart
  3. I've Got Them Lookin' In The Mirror, Wonderin' Where My Woman Went Blues
  4. Hank (You Tried To Tell Me)
  5. I'm The Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)
  6. You're Still On My Mind
  7. I Did The Right Thing
  8. Woman (You Better Love Me)
  9. You're Gonna Be The Cowboy
  10. (To Be So Bad) She's Still Lookin' Good

Take This Job and Shove It (1977)

Johnny Paycheck - Take This Job And Shove It

Take This Job and Shove It

  1. Take This Job And Shove It
  2. From Cotton To Satin
  3. The Spirits Of St Louis
  4. The 4-F Blues
  5. Barstool Mountain
  6. Georgia In A Jug
  7. The Fool Strikes Again
  8. The Man From Bowling Green
  9. When I Had A Home To Go To
  10. Colorado Kool-Aid

Armed and Crazy (1978)

Armed And Crazy

Armed and Crazy

  1. Friend, Lover, Wife
  2. Armed And Crazy
  3. Mainline
  4. Thanks To The Cathouse (I'm In The Doghouse With You)
  5. Leave It To Me
  6. Me And The IRS
  7. Let's Have A Hand For The Little Lady
  8. Just Makin' Love Don't Make It Love
  9. Look What The Dog Drug In
  10. The Outlaw's Prayer

Bars, Booze, Blondes (1979)

Johnny Paycheck - Bars, Booze, Blondes

Bars, Booze, Blondes

  1. Meanest Jukebox In Town
  2. Problem Solvin' Doctor
  3. Two Candles, One Dinner And A Bottle
  4. The Pint Of No Return
  5. Haven For Angels Unaware
  6. I Drop More Than I Drink
  7. We're The Kind Of People
  8. Don't You Say Nothin' At All
  9. Fools Hall Of Fame
  10. Tell Me Your Troubles

Everybody's Got a Family (1979)

Johnny Paycheck - Everybody's Got A Family

Everybody's Got a Family

  1. (Stay Away From) The Cocaine Train
  2. Ragged Old Truck
  3. Drinkin' And Drivin'
  4. Who Was That Man That Beat Me So
  5. Billy Bardo
  6. Fifteen Beers
  7. Low Class Reunion
  8. I Never Met A Girl I Didn't Like
  9. Save Your Heart For Me
  10. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

Double Trouble (1980)

George Jones & Johnny Paycheck - Double Trouble

Double Trouble

  1. When You're Ugly Like Us (You Just Naturally Got To Be Cool)
  2. Along Came Jones (cover of "Along Came Jones" by The Coasters)
  3. Proud Mary (cover of "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  4. You Can Have Her (cover of "You Can Have Her" by Roy Hamilton)
  5. Smack Dab in the Middle
  6. Maybellene (cover of "Maybellene" by Chuck Berry)
  7. Roll Over Beethoven (cover of "Roll Over Beethoven" by Chuck Berry)
  8. Kansas City
  9. Tutti Frutti (cover of "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard)
  10. You Better Move On (cover of "You Better Move On" by Arthur Alexander)

Mr. Hag Told My Story (1980)

Johnny Paycheck - Mr. Hag Told My Story

Mr. Hag Told My Story

  1. Turnin' Off A Memory
  2. I've Got A Yearning
  3. Carolyn
  4. I'll Leave The Bottle On The Bar
  5. All Night Lady
  6. I Can't Hold Myself In Line
  7. Yesterday's News Just Hit Home Today
  8. You Don't Have Very Far To Go
  9. No More You And Me - Someone Told My Story

Lovers & Losers (1982)

Johnny Paycheck - Lovers & Losers

Lovers & Losers

  1. D.O.A. (Drunk On Arrival)
  2. We've All Gone Crazy
  3. Gonna Get Right (And Do Something Wrong)
  4. Award To An Angel
  5. You're The Only Song I Sing Today
  6. The Highlight Of '81
  7. Sharon Rae
  8. Loser Of The Year
  9. No Way Out
  10. She Got The Gold Mine (I Got The Shaft)

Modern Times (1987)

Johnny Paycheck - Modern Times

Modern Times

  1. Modern Times
  2. Don't Bury Me 'Til I'm Ready
  3. Come To Me
  4. Butterflies And Babies
  5. Caught Between A Rock And A Soft Place
  6. Jole Blon
  7. Old Violin
  8. She Don't Love Me All The Time
  9. The Other Man
  10. I Grow Old Too Fast (And Smart Too Slow)

Survivor (2001)

Johnny Paycheck - Survivor


  1. I'm a Survivor
  2. I Can't Quit Drinking
  3. He Left It All
  4. I.O.U Blues
  5. Everything Is Changing
  6. Palimony
  7. You're Every Step I Take
  8. I Never Got Over You
  9. Buried Treasures
  10. Ole Pay Ain't Checked Out Yet

The Soul & the Edge: The Best of Johnny Paycheck (2002)

Johnny Paycheck - The Soul & the Edge- The Best of Johnny Paycheck

The Soul & the Edge: The Best of Johnny Paycheck

  1. Take This Job and Shove It
  2. 11 Months and 29 Days
  3. I'm the Only Hell (My Mama Ever Raised)
  4. Slide Off of Your Satin Sheets
  5. She's All I Got
  6. Ragged Old Truck
  7. Colorado Cool-Aid
  8. Fifteen Beers
  9. I've Seen Better Days
  10. Someone to Give My Love To
  11. My Part of Forever
  12. Yesterday's News Just Hit Home Today
  13. (Stay Away From) The Cocaine Train (Live)
  14. Me and the I.R.S. (Live)
  15. The Feminine Touch
  16. You Better Move On
  17. I Did the Right Thing
  18. When I Had a Home to Go To
  19. Barstool Mountain
  20. I Can See Me Lovin' You Again
  21. Old Violin
  22. All Night Lady
  23. The Outlaw's Prayer

Other Songs

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  1. A Good Year For The Roses
  2. After I Sing All My Songs
  3. All American Man
  4. Almost Persuade
  5. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
  6. C.C. Waterback
  7. Green, Green Grass Of Home
  8. Hello Walls
  9. I Think I've Found A Way
  10. If That Ain't Country
  11. In Memory Of A Memory
  12. No Show Jones
  13. You Can Have Her

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b.1938, d.2003

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Johnny Paycheck is a performance name for Donald Eugene Lytle.

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