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Milk Cow Blues

This song is by Johnny Lee Wills and His Boys and appears on the compilation American Roots: A History of American Folk Music (1999).

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Well I woke up this morning looked outdoor
I could tell my milk cow of the tail by the way she Lowed
If you see my milk cow please drive her on home
I had no milk and butter oh since my cow been gone

Well you've got to treat me right day by day
Get out your little ______ get on your big break
You gonna need you gonna need my help someday
Yeah you going be sorry if you treat me this a-way

Well good evening don't that sun look good going down
Well good evening don't that sun look good going down
And don't your bed look lonesome when your lover ain't a-round
I've tried everything baby to get along with you

Now I'm going to tell you what I'm gonna do
I want you to stop crying and leave you alone
If you don't think I'm leaving ______ ________ _____
You won't see you won't see my sweet face no more
Yeah you gonna be wondering baby where in this world I'm gone

Hear the Moo milk cow blues

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