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I Just Don't Care Enough (to Carry on)

This song is by Johnny Cash and appears on the compilation album Bootleg Vol II - From Memphis to Hollywood (2011).

I had a dozen others before I ever met you
And there'll be that many more when you're goin'
You're just one out of many it's easy to forget you
'Cause I just don't care enough to carry on

I haven't broken every heart that chanced to come my way
I haven't cherished any love or begged one girl to stay
So don't think that you only stay away don't phone me
'Cause I just don't have the time to fool with you

Of all the dozen others I knew before I met you
I only said well maybe she's the one
But true love wouldn't cheat me but you did and I let you
You proved untrue so know leave me alone

I thought you surely were the one I wanted for my wife
But I can't stand a cheatin' heart to live with all my life
I've only been your pastime so darlin' for the last time
I just don't have the time to fool with you

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