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Johnny "Guitar" Watson (1963)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Johnny "Guitar" Watson

  1. Cuttin' In
  2. Embraceable You
  3. Broke and Lonely
  4. What You Do to Me
  5. Gangster of Love
  6. Highway 60
  7. Those Lonely, Lonely Feelings
  8. Posin'
  9. That's the Chance You've Got to Take
  10. I Just Wants Me Some Love
  11. Sweet Lovin' Mama
  12. You Can't Take It With You

Ain't That a Bitch (1976)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Ain't That A Bitch

Ain't That A Bitch

  1. I Need It
  2. I Want to Ta-Ta You Baby
  3. Superman Lover
  4. Ain't That a Bitch
  5. Since I Met You Baby
  6. We're No Exception
  7. Won't You Forgive Me Baby
  8. Funkula
  9. Follow Me

A Real Mother for Ya (1977)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - A Real Mother For Ya

A Real Mother For Ya

  1. A Real Mother for Ya
  2. Nothing Left to Be Desired
  3. Your Love Is My Love
  4. The Real Deal
  5. Tarzan
  6. I Wanna Thank You
  7. Lover Jones

Funk Beyond the Call of Duty (1977)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Funk Beyond the Call of Duty

Funk Beyond the Call of Duty

  1. Funk Beyond the Call of Duty
  2. It's About the Dollar Bill
  3. Give Me My Love
  4. It's a Damn Shame
  5. I'm Gonna Get You Baby
  6. Barn Door
  7. Love That Will Not Die
    Bonus tracks
  8. Can You Handle It
  9. Virginia's Pretty Funky

Love Jones (1980)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Love Jones

Love Jones

  1. Booty Ooty
  2. Love Jones
  3. Going Up in Smoke
  4. Close Encounters
  5. Asante Sana
  6. Telephone Bill
  7. Lone Ranger
  8. Jet Plane
  9. Children of the Universe

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Too Tired

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1935. d.1996

  • aka: Young John Watson
  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums

Real name:

Johnny "Guitar" Watson is a performance name for John Watson, Jr..

Years active:


Johnny "Guitar" Watson was a member of:

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