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We Don't Wanna Grow Up

This song is by John Williams.

We wanna be like Peter Pan
We don't wanna grow up
Wanna stay kids as long as we can
That's our plan! Pretty neat plan
Then when it's time to be a man
We're not gonna grow up
Gonna stay kids like we began
Just like Peter Pan

Bein' a man means you gotta show up
For work each day in a shirt and a tie! Yuck
Bein'a man means you gotta call up
Your friends and say, "Can't stay! Gotta fly!" Yuck

We got an even neater plan
Sit down and listen up
We all oughta be like Peter Pan
We don't wanna grow up

We never, never, never, never
Never, never, never, never
Ever wanna grow up! Yuck

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