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Feelings Are Good and Other Lies (1995)

John Taylor - Feelings Are Good and Other Lies

Feelings Are Good and Other Lies

  1. Feelings R Good
  2. Don't Talk Much
  3. 2:03
  4. Everyone Is Getting It but Me
  5. Always Wrong
  6. Look Homeward Angel
  7. Losing You
  8. See You Again
  9. Down Again
  10. Girl Raw
  11. Hole in the Mud
  12. Trust the Process

Auto Didact (1997)

John Taylor - Auto Didact

Auto Didact

  1. Anon (One Day At A Time)
  2. Silent Skin
  3. Ode To Richard Prince
  4. The Anti-Wife
  5. Lonely Child

Better Off Alive (2000)

John Taylor - Better Off Alive

Better Off Alive

  1. Meltdown
  2. Notorious
  3. Run Together
  4. Fields of Eden
  5. Dope



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  • Instruments: Bass, guitar, vocals

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John Taylor is a performance name for Nigel John Taylor.

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