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Oh, Leadbelly

This song is by John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers and appears on the album Stories (2002).

Oh, Leadbelly. I heard your guitar ring
So long ago when I was just thirteen
And you stirred my soul every time I heard you sing

Oh, Leadbelly. Your power will stand alone
I played your blues on my old gramophone
When you sangyour songs how it made me weep and moan

Oh, Leadbelly. You heard that warden say
You got your pardon. No more stripes today
You sang for your freedom so don't come back this way

Oh, Leadbelly. You sing those blues so fine
Oh, Leadbelly. Your prison days behind
Free to rule the world. A legend in your time

Goodnight Irene. I wonder who she was
Your song reached millions showed 'em who was boss
With your twelve-string guitar you really cut across


Written by:

John Mayall

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