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That's My Story

This song is by John Lee Hooker and appears on the album That's My Story (1960).

When I first started travelin, travelin, I left home when I was young.
When I first started travelin, I left home when I was young.
I left Old Mississippi,
Made my first stop in Memphis Tennessee,
True story of my life.

I worked in Memphis Tennessee,
Down at the New Days picture show,
Everybody, everybody wanna hear my story,
They wanna know, they wanna know, just how old I was when I left home.
I was only 14 years old when I hit the road.
I left Mississippi
I come to Memphis Tennessee.

I worked there,
I wasn't makin' much money,
I work all day.
Play my guitar at night

Then I left that town,
When I was 17 years old,
That's my story.

I come to cincinatti
I stayed down,
Two long years
I didn't get no break,
I come down,
Old Detroit Michigan
I got my start in Detroit.

I been there, I been there ever since.

That's my story, that's my story,
That's my story of my life

That's my story,
That's my story,

I had a hard time
Mmm hmm

Now I'm doin' all right
That's my story that's my story people
That's my story of my life


Written by:

John Lee Hooker

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