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Natchez Fire (Burnin')

This song is by John Lee Hooker and appears on the album Burning Hell (1960).

Did you read about the fire, nineteen and and thirty seven
Did you read about the fire, nineteen hundred and thirty seven
Wall __ and his big band they were swinging that night
The building had one door, on the side
The fire broke out late that night
People screaming, they couldn't get out
Everybody running, running to the door
The door got jammed, nobody got out
All you could here
Try _____ _____ _____
Save me, save me, save me
It must've been a plan, a plan from above
A plan from above
Cause who, no, no one was saved
Not as I know
The band was swinging late that night
When the fore broke out
Natchez, Natchez Mississippi
A great big bon
A great big bon
Many lives was going down that night
You never forget it
You never forget it
Natchez Mississippi
Natchez Mississippi

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