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Jump Chillun

This song is by John Lee Hooker, features Bernard Besmnan and appears on the compilation album The Complete, Vol. 3 - Detroit 1949-1950 (2001).

I'm goin' away, baby
But I will be comin' back
I'm goin' away, baby
But I will be comin' back
I'm a man now, baby
An I sure can have my fun

My mama she told papa, said the same
'Now that you're a man'
'You sure can have your fun'
Ooh, an I sure can have my fun

When I was laying down
I heard mama an papa, talkin'
I heard papa tell mama
'That boy's a man, now'
'Why hold him down?'
'Let him go have his fun'
An I hear them say it
I was layin' down thinkin' to myself
I over heard 'em

I felt so good
Went on Boogie'n just the same

Jump Chillun!

Look-a-here now, baby
I'm twenty-one, now
An I'm a man an I know

I can stay out all night long
Till the break of day
No worry 'bout a thing
I can take care of myself from now on in

Yes daddy, yes daddy

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