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This Road

This song is by John Denver and appears on the album John Denver Sings (2011).

This road winds down through the valley
Through the warm green meadows I call home
Turn around and it leads across the mountains
Where the wind keeps telling me to roam

Down this road there's a fire always burning
There's a place at the table set for me
It's the same road that leads way over yonder
Where there's such a lot of world I'd like to see
There's so much of this old world I long to see

Tell my momma not to worry
I couldn't bear to know I made her cry
Tell my poppa if you see him
I tried, but I just couldn't say goodbye

I long to see the places they call somewhere
It's been my dream ever since my life began
And someday when my wandering days are over
I'll be coming back this road
You'll see me walking down the road
I'll be coming back this road
A better man

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