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Mean Stepfather

This song is by Big Joe Williams and appears on the compilation Blues Roots (1969).

When I was a little boy baby, about sixteen inches high
I had a mean stepfather, lord he didn't want me to eat a bite

I've got a mean stepfather, and I know you have one too
And my mother dead and gone, nothing in this world that he will do

Well my mother she gone, and I hope she gone to stay
I have a mean stepfather, he done drove me away

When I was a little boy lord, my stepfather didn't allow me around
He's a no‑good weed mama, and the cows going to mow him down

Well (poor joe, I'm) leaving this morning, my face is full of frowns
I got a mean stepfather, and my dear mother she don't allow me around

That's all right, may be home some day
My mean stepfather, he won't give me no place to lay

I am a little boy, (I'm crying all, I cried the whole) night long
My stepfather, he swears he done done me wrong

And before I'll be a dog mama, I'll leave my happy home
He's a no‑good weed, and swear he done me wrong

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