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Hold What You've Got (1965)

Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got

Hold What You've Got

  1. You Got What It Takes
  2. Tell Me Right Now
  3. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
  4. Hold What You've Got
  5. I'm Not Going To Work Today
  6. Are We Ready
  7. You Better Get It
  8. Heep See Few Know
  9. Fresh Out Of Tears
  10. You Can Stay
  11. There Is A Girl
  12. Together We Stand

The New Boss (1965)

Joe Tex - The New Boss

The New Boss

  1. C.C. Rider
  2. Stop Look And Listen
  3. For Your Love
  4. A Woman (Can Change A Man)
  5. What In The World
  6. You've Got What It Takes
  7. Don't Make Your Children Pay
  8. King Of The Road
  9. Detroit City
  10. Any Little Bit
  11. Hold What You've Got
  12. I Want To (Do Everything For You)

The Love You Save (1966)

Joe Tex - The Love You Save

The Love You Save

  1. The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)
  2. Live For Yourself
  3. Build Your Love (On A Solid Foundation)
  4. I Don't Trust Myself Around You
  5. Funny Bone
  6. A Sweet Woman Like You
  7. I'm A Man
  8. You Better Believe It, Baby
  9. Close The Door
  10. If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
  11. Heartbreak Hotel
  12. Don't Let Your Left Hand Know (What Your Right Hand Is Doing)

I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better (1966)

Joe Tex - I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better

I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better

  1. Papa Was, Too
  2. What Me And My Baby Ain't Got
  3. A Woman Sees A Hard Time (When Her Man Is Gone)
  4. Watch The One (That Brings The Bad News)
  5. Taking Care Of A Woman (Is A Full Time Job)
  6. Lying's Just A Habit John
  7. I've Got To Do A Little Bit Better
  8. The Truest Woman In The World
  9. I Believe I'm Gonna Make It
  10. Got You On My Mind
  11. Half A Mind
  12. S.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)

Live And Lively (1968)

Joe Tex - Live And Lively

Live And Lively

  1. Show Me
  2. Do Right Woman - Do Right Man
  3. Get Out Of My Life, Woman
  4. Wooden Spoon
  5. That's Life
  6. Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
  7. Don't Give Up
  8. A Woman's Hands
  9. You're Gonna Thank Me, Woman
  10. Papa Was, Too
  11. Skinny Legs And All

Soul Country (1968)

Joe Tex - Soul Country

Soul Country

  1. I'll Never Do You No Wrong
  2. Ode To Billie Joe
  3. The Dark End Of The Street
  4. Funny How Time Slips Away
  5. Engine Engine Number Nine
  6. Slip A Rope
  7. Green Green Grass Of Home
  8. Set Me Free
  9. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  10. Honey

I Gotcha (1972)

Joe Tex - I Gotcha

I Gotcha

  1. I Gotcha
  2. Give The Baby Anything The Baby Wants
  3. Takin' A Chance
  4. Baby Let Me Steal You
  5. It Ain't Gonna Work Baby
  6. God Of Love
  7. You Said A Bad Word
  8. Bad Feet
  9. The Woman Cares
  10. Love Me Right Girl
  11. For My Woman
  12. You're In Too Deep

Bumps & Bruises (1977)

Joe Tex - Bumps & Bruises

Bumps & Bruises

  1. Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)
  2. Leaving You Dinner
  3. Be Cool (Willie Is Dancing With A Sissy)
  4. I Mess Up Everything I Get My Hands On
  5. We Held On
  6. I Almost Got To Heaven Once
  7. Hungry For Your Love
  8. Jump Bad
  9. There's Something Wrong

He Who Is Without Funk Cast The First Stone (1978)

Joe Tex - He Who Is Without Funk Cast The First Stone

He Who Is Without Funk Cast The First Stone

  1. Loose Caboose
  2. How Do You Spell Relief
  3. If You Don't Want The Man (Don't Take The Money)
  4. Finger Popped Myself Into The Poor House
  5. Who Gave Birth To The Funk
  6. Hold What You've Got
  7. He Who Is Without Funk (Cast The First Stone)
  8. Music Ain't Got No Color

Other Songs

  1. Men Are Gettin' Scarce
  2. You Keep Her

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