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Introspect (1968)

Joe South - Introspect


  1. All My Hard Times
  2. Rose Garden
  3. Mirror Of Your Mind
  4. Redneck
  5. Don't Throw Your Love To The Wind
  6. The Greatest Love
  7. Games People Play
  8. These Are Not My People
  9. Don't You Be Ashamed
  10. Birds Of A Feather
  11. Gabriel

Games People Play (1969)

Joe South - Games People Play

Games People Play

  1. Games People Play
  2. Party People
  3. Untie Me
  4. Concrete Jungle
  5. Hole In Your Soul
  6. Hush
  7. Birds Of A Feather
  8. Heart's Desire
  9. Leanin' On You
  10. I Knew You When
  11. These Are Not My People

Don't It Make You Want To Go Home? (1969)

Joe South - Don't It Make You Want To Go Home?

Don't It Make You Want To Go Home?

  1. Clock Up On The Wall
  2. Bittersweet
  3. Shelter
  4. What Makes Lovers Hurt One Another?
  5. Before It's Too Late
  6. Children
  7. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
  8. Be A Believer
  9. A Million Miles Away
  10. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home

Joe South (1971)

Joe South - Joe South

Joe South

  1. High On A Hilltop
  2. Birds Of A Feather
  3. For The Love Of A Woman
  4. Rose Garden
  5. Yo Yo
  6. Fool Me
  7. How Can Unlove You
  8. You Need Me
  9. She's Almost You
  10. Devil May Care

So The Seeds Are Growing (1971)

Joe South - So The Seeds Are Growing

So The Seeds Are Growing

  1. So The Seeds Are Growing
  2. No Fence Around Me
  3. I've Got To Be Somebody
  4. Revolution Of Love
  5. United We Stand
  6. The Other Side Of Life
  7. Drown In My Own Tears
  8. Lady Moon Walker
  9. Rolling On
  10. Motherless Children

A Look Inside (1972)

Joe South - A Look Inside

A Look Inside

  1. Coming Down All Alone
  2. Imitation Of Living
  3. It Hurts Me Too
  4. Real Thing
  5. One Man Band
  6. Misunderstanding
  7. Misfit
  8. Save Your Best
  9. I'm A Star
  10. All Nite Lover, All Day Friend

Midnight Rainbows (1975)

Joe South - Midnight Rainbows

Midnight Rainbows

  1. Medley: Midnight Rainbows - It Got Away
  2. You Can Make It If You Try
  3. God Forgave Me
  4. My Fondest Memories
  5. For Your Precious Love
  6. To Have To Hold And Let Go
  7. Stranger In A Strange Land
  8. Home And Homesick
  9. Glad To Be Living On The Earth Today
  10. Cosmos

Additional information

Artist information:

b.1940, d.2012

  • Occupation: musician, singer-songwriter
  • Instruments: guitar

Real name:

Joe South is a performance name for Joseph Alfred Souter.

Years active:

1958 - 2012



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