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Jimmy Brown

This song is by Joan Baez and appears on the compilation box set Rare, Live & Classic (1993).

This song is a cover of "Jimmie Brown The Newsboy" by The Carter Family.
Hello, Bill
It was awfully nice to get your tape
And we're trying to reciprocate
Couple of tapeworms, so to speak

Well, here we are, sitting around the dinner table
But only Joanie, and Joan and myself
Mimi's at camp, and Pauline is elsewhere
We'll tell you more about her later

We have quite a bit of interesting news for you
But before we do that
I think I'll let you listen to Joanie
Here's Joanie

I sell the morning papers, sir
My name is Jimmy Brown
Everybody knows that I'm the newsboy of the town

You hear me yelling "Morning Star"
And running along the street
Got no hat upon my head
And no shoes upon my feet

Never mind, sir, how I look
Don't look at me and frown
I sell the morning papers, sir
My name is Jimmy Brown

I'm awful cold and hungry, sir
My clothes is mighty thin
Runnin' 'round from place to place
My daily bread to win

My father died a drunkard, sir
I heard my mother say
I am helping Mother, sir
To journey on the way

Mother always told me
"Son, nothin' in the world to lose
You'll find a place in Heaven, son
Sellin' The Gospel News"


Written by:

A. P. Carter, W. S. Hays Wikipedia16

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