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Jari Yahamouda

This song is by Joan Baez and appears on the live album European Tour (1980) and on the live album Live Europe '83 (Children of the Eighties) (1983).

jari ya hamouda... hamouuda
ya jari daber aâliya yamma...
ya jari daber aâliya yamma
ness tebet ergouda ergouda.. ergouuda
wani noumi mahroum aâliya yamma..
wenni enoume ma7roume 3laia ya ma..

li mcha3ali nari yamma..
EnHamouda ya jari.. ya jarii
Enta ti li mcha3ali nari yammaa
Tmanitek fi dari.. fi darii

Mithli el cham3a ettol aaleya yamma..
Mithli el cham3a ettol aaleya yammaa


Awel marra ritou.. ah ritou
Dekhel galbi khabitou yamma..
Dekhel galbi khabitou yammaa
Haneni Hanitou.. Hanitouu
Sametou laaziz aal galb yamma..
Sametou laaziz aala galbi yammaa



Written by:

Ahmed Hamza

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