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The Inevitable Album (2013)

Jinkx Monsoon - The Inevitable Album

The Inevitable Album

  1. Ladies in Drag (Foreword by Fred Schneider)
  2. No One As Sorry As Me
  3. Coffee & Wine
  4. My Heart Belongs To Daddy
  5. The Bacon Shake (featuring Fred Schneider)
  6. Everybody's Girl
  7. Hold On
  8. Hi-Jinkx Samba
  9. Witchcraft (featuring Major Scales)
  10. What About Debbie
  11. Ballad of Johnny and Jack
  12. One Tiny Taste
  13. Creep
  14. A Song to Come Home To
  15. Falling In Love Again

The Ginger Snapped (2018)

Jinkx Monsoon - The Ginger Snapped

The Ginger Snapped

  1. What's On
  2. She Evil (featuring Fred Schneider)
  3. Cartoons and Vodka
  4. Boys In The Band (featuring Amanda Palmer)
  5. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
  6. Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues)
  7. Friends
  8. Sugar Mama
  9. This Town
  10. Pianoman (featuring Lady Rizo)
  11. Take It Back
  12. You've Really Got A Hold On Me

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Jinkxalicious

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Jinkx Monsoon is a performance name for Jerick Hoffer.

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