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I've Got A Feeling

This song is by Jimmy Robbins and appears on the album Sleep The Pain Away (2005).

I've got a feeling that you're gonna make me loose my cool
Follow street signs praying they lead me back to you
And I'm wondering if anywhere you're wondering about me
Counting stars and sheep and trading thoughts for dreams
And I'll be waiting for you
To meet me with your blue eyes
Stars all envy us and this
Speaking poems with our kiss
Embrace forever here with me where you and we belong
We'll walk our way to heaven on the notes of this song
Each line written and intended to make you feel
The way we do tonight the way we do tonight, this is real
The days don't seem to change
Strolling down memory lane
Hand in hand with the person I used to be
Before you words spoke symphonies
To here to now to me
Hand in hand with the person I used to be

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