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Sweet Apple Pie

This song is by Jimmy Luxury and appears on the album A Night in the Arms of... (1999).

Well I got nice shoes and a heart of gold. I never let the wining get out of control. When I'm boozing I takes my time. It ain't ya turn kid so wait in line. Yo! Kick that number that we did up in Reno when we stepped on the stage in our shark skin chinos, nothing but c-notes getting played at the tables, I knew the winning horses before they left the stables, met a boogie woogie show girl named marla mable on our first date I bought her gold cable she was a winner a real fine dinner she could turn this old pro back into a beginner. She did a burlesque number made a brother wanna settle down, we'd get together ever summer when I's in town. She was a crazy dame with a lazy eye, her claim to fame was getting drunk and high. But her bedroom voice was killing me softly, I started melting like a mister softy, but behind every skirt there's a scandal, so I pack a black colt with a pearl handle.These friggin cold ass benches at the dog track are enough to give a guy a severe hemmrhoid Jesus friggin Christ attack I spilt moxie over my favorite white farrah slacks wee small hours gaining on brockton's own neck and neck around the outside lap would you believe this crap? lets mosie on back to my suburban palace and relax. Wo wo wo. Sweet summer time cooling out on the breezeway in my back yard I got a great view of the i128 freeway. Let's retire into the den my friend for some crackers and a couple of shafers. You know what really sucks about being short, I gotta get all my suit pants tapered, I got this one great tan suit and from a distance they tell me it makes me look naked

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